Weldment in SW2012 assembly

In SW2010 there was a nice option to insert a weldment into an assembly and it worked fine as long as there was a coincident edge between two components. The parts didn't have to be created as structural members. In SW2012 (SP1.0) the command is insert a weld bead and to see it, there is an option to "show cosmetic weld" but it doesn't become visible in renders. Is there some way to create a weldment without cheating with a swept feature? I have a construction with a lot of tubes, sheet metal pieces and all of them are assembled fine, but I can't get the weldments to appear in a render... In SW 2010 the inserted weldment would appear just if as a fillet was created between two edges. Now it's just cosmetic and the rendering doesn't see these cosmetic welds... I know I can do a loft or a sweep, but then it's all not the same thing. I'm trying to avoid building one model for the technical drawings and a separate one for visual presentation.

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Robert, try Insert...Weldment...Fillet Bead. This will produce bodies and not just a visual of the fillet. The Weld Bead command you are referring to was added in 2011 and really just for creating visual fillets in a "lightweight" kind of way.

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In the meantime, figured out that one. The only "catch" is that the bodies (or parts in assembly mode) must either meet or intersect to be able to insert this feature. Wherever the program finds a gap, it can't be done.
Anyway, thanks for the time taken to answer ;)

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