What 3d scanner should i choose?

Hello all :) So I have a little problem.We cannot afford to buy a new 3D scanner for our small business, but we can get access to used https://www.artec3d.com/3d-scanner/artec-eva (two years old) or Flashforge FFG-OB1 (1 year) in near future. Prices for both about the same, but we are afraid that scanners used and without warranty. What is the average lifespan of a 3D scanners? Don't want to waste money... Has anyone had experience with these scanners?

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I've used a few in college. Most are really expensive. (Several thousand dollars) There is one that is only a few hundred dollars however. Its not the best but it can at least get you some practice. Its the sense 3D Scanner.

Here is the link.


My suggestion though is if you decide to go with this one is that you make a stationary platform for the scanner and then a rotational platform you are trying to scan to capture the whole object for the best results.

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All depends on your needs.
For what kind of buiseness are you going to use 3D-scanner?

If you are going to make small figures of people - Artec EVA will be best choice (I have some expirience with that device). And don't forget to buy it's own firmware. It can be a few expencive, but it's worth the money.
Unfortunatelly, EVA doesn't fit to scanning small object with a good quality. For that purporses I recommend you to buy structured-light scanner, like Rangevision Premium, for an example. Easy in use (but hard to first time calibrate), high-precision (up to 20 microns), and reliable.

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