What am I missing to finish this egg shaped 4 sided design in Solidworks 2014?

I can't seem to get the 4 egg shaped sides to be tangent based on dimensions that work.
I've tried wrap cut, thinking about using flex bend.
I'm not seeing the feature I should use.
Most of all I can't seem to find the radius for the sides to form a seam.
Dimensions, screenshots and my lengthy part file is what I have done so far.
Wall thickness is uniform .01in
Any suggestions or another way of going about this will be appreciated.

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I have not treated the ovoid shape but the method seems obvious to me ... see the file SW 2016 .. The trick is to make a separation curve before making a shell.

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Two questions:
1 - Is the plan to make this a sheet metal part which can unfold and have a flat pattern (like a cardboard box)?

2 - Can you indicate in one of the images what needs to be tangent? I apologize if I missed it, but none of the model in the images look like they are, or could be tangent with their neighbors.

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Sorry, I did not see you had replied. Comments never trigger the notification system.

Is the plan to build this item out of four injection molded pieces that fit together to form the desired shape? I can't see that the end product could be injection molded as a final part.

Otherwise, I built this sample part to make sure it is on the right track, Check out the screenshot and attached step file. My SW is 2017, so you would not be able to import the native file in 2014.

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