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What are some tips for Remastering in CATIA?

By Pratik Marathe on 09 Apr 05:26 1 answer 0 comments

what strategy should be followed what commands must be used.

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  • Ravikanth Amajala
    Ravikanth Amajala 6 months ago

    Remastering in catia,, Here we have to go with two method's, that are 1) part remastering and 2) surface remastering .
    remastering is mainly used for ,if u r don't the value of dump solid part and at the same time u wants to make that one is the parametric model that time this method is ease to make the parametric part .
    procedure: go to start in catia and open the part or either generative shape design , then make copy dump solid from source and then make paste special in your making part. take point and axis system (don't make those points and axis system not link to the dump model).then take bodies ,in that u have to measure the values of dump with the usage of measuring tool .
    and ur target is u have to make another part with parametric as it is like dump..
    If u have any queries about this one u have to fallow my remastering parts.

    All the best


    bracket(1).stp.CATPart, 1.59 MB
    bracket(1).stp.CATPart, 1.79 MB

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