What are the advantages of using autodesk inventor over solidworks?

I use solidworks for modeling, now I want to learn autodesk inventor. What types of modeling are preferred in inventor? What extra benefit will i get? can anyone who uses both the softwares give me the exact answers?

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I used both softwares in college and each has advantages over the other. However the advantages of one over the other are very few because of just how similar they are.

For Inventor,
1. Better user interface (Personal Opinion)
2. Has a redo button (Never understood why solidworks doesn't have this
simple thing)
3. Easier to make Sheet Metal Parts
4. Easier to Make Wiring Connections For Electronic Assemblies

For Solidworks
1. Has more simulation environments for Calculations that Inventor lacks
(Flow Simulation Especially)

It is good to have strong knowledge of both of these softwares because they are more widely used than most other softwares in industry today. Many people are switching over to one or the other.

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A screenshot or the Redo function is added. I even saw it has a shortcut (Ctrl +Y).
I'm not sure when it was added as a feature.
I hardly ever use it, as it really only functions to "undo an undo".
In my opinion the better shortcut it the Enter key. It will repeat the last command. So fillets, or drawing lots of splines can be done quickly without needing to re-click the tool button.

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