What are the best freelance sites for mechanical engineers?


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Even I'm a;so searching for the same thing. We all know that INTERNET has answer for every question but the problem is to find trusted source. I understand that most of you guys are facing the same problem that I was. Hence, to solve this issue, I want to know the best websites for Mechanical Engineers.

Upwork, Freelancer.com

I mostly Prefer Fiverr.com because of following reason:
1. You can Deliver small CAD design as fast as possible so no waiting for the clients to pay.
2. Fiverr increase your View impression when you respond to each client in messages
3.Easy to use and setup

The only thing you need is you Good CAD Design Skills.I am making near to 350$ a month on Fiverr.
You can any software of your choice but be expert in it.
Here is one CAD software PTC Creo which is listed and how to get an expert in it.

According to this article:

People Per Hour
CG Trader

cad crowd

it a freelancing website link
https://www.cadcrowd.com/3d-modeling-design check out