What are the best softwares used in United State companies for 3d modeling

Im still a student and I need to know few softwares I need to focus when continuing designing in mechanical engineering.

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Learn one of the mid-range suites; SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge are all popular choices.
Learn one high-end suite; Siemens NX, Catia or Pro-Engineer are all somewhat popular, more so in specific sectors of industry.

The company I work for now, spent months trying to find an "NX Designer". They were so focused on this person having 15+ years of design experience in NX that they became myopic on the issue of the software. Sad part is, we turned away a lot of applicants who had a lot on the ball, simply because they didn't have the software experience.
Long story short... if I give you a wrench and you don't know which way to turn the bolt to loose or tighten it... does it matter if that wrench is a Craftsman or a Snap-On?

Smart hiring managers are looking for good DESIGNERS, because they are a hell of a lot harder to find than people with experience jockeying software "X". So my advice to you and to any aspiring design engineer is... learn good sound mechanical design. Then learn products; what is available in the marketplace, so you can focus on the difficult portions of your design. And, learn the manufacturing processes necessary to produce your products. Spend a LOT of time in the shop, on the internet, etc., learning how things are made and listen to the people who service and build things... they can teach you a lot about producing better designs.

Best of luck to you.

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