What are the dimension on the drawing? From where can I deduct it?


I have a drawing (found in internet), There are missing dimensions or those can be deduct?


2 Answers

print the drawing and get out your scale and carefully measure the paper distance of the 2.000 dimension. Calculate the ratio of Measured / 2.000.

measure a missing dimension and multiple that times the ratio, to get an approximate distance for the missing dimension.

Jack has a good answer, but skip the printing step.
Screenshot, or export an image from the PDF.
Import Into SOLIDWORKS as a sketch image
Scale as needed for 1:1
Trace over the image.

Attached is an image of what I did. Dimensions are included.

There is something wrong with the drawing though. See the 1.732" dimension in the top view? Why does the same diameter measure 1.5" in the right view?

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