what are the major keys for part design and assembly design?

I'm working in a manufacturing plant. So i have to know basic thinks in part design and assembly design

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There are hundreds of things to consider when designing a part. It would be difficult to list them in some order of importance, but a very important one which is often overlooked is clearance.

If you make a 1" diameter hole, and plan to put a 1" diameter shaft in it, they will not fit. The same issue applies to any parts being assembled. Parts need clearance between them to fit properly.

Another closely related issue is tolerance. It is very rare for something to be manufactured at the perfect size. Using the example of a 1" diameter hole, that hole could be notated several different ways:
Or, it could have an actual plus/minus tolerance called out.

Each of those dimensions listed above does two things:
1. It dictates the allowable range of sizes which are acceptable for a 1" hole.
2. They affect the cost of producing that hole. More accuracy requires more money.

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As a CATIA user working in a manufacturing plant, I think the most important things to know how to do in CATIA are:

1. How to navigate a part and/or assembly. How to pan, zoom, rotate, and section.

2. How to measure. How to evaluate the size of a feature, and the distance between features.

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