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What are the prerequisites to learning ANSYS?

By Keenan Kon on 12 Jan 06:16 2 answers 0 comments

Hi, I will be learning ANSYS soon and I'd like to know what is the best way to learn this software. Are there any particular subjects which I need to master before learning this software? Thanks :)

2 answers

  • Abdul Haseeb Malik
    Abdul Haseeb Malik almost 4 years ago

    yeah you should study Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and learn how it works.because Ansys is based upon it,then study subject for your particular analysis like if you trying to learn CFD than you should study Fluid Dynamics

  • harikrushna  dodiya
    harikrushna dodiya over 1 year ago

    u shoud know about fea basic theory and main thing is strength of material subject for structural and for cfd u need fluid dynamics detailed study.

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