What are your favorite songs/music/bands to listen to while designing?

Everyone has a personal preference for "their music", maybe you'd share yours with the community?

I have 1,705 songs in my regular playlist, and I'm always looking to add to it. I listen to these songs while creating models and renderings.
The attached text file is a smaller selection of about 140 songs I've rated at four stars and above. These are the ones I can listen to all day, on loop, and not get tired of.

Maybe you'll check them out and like some?
Maybe you'll post your favorites, and I'll find something new to add to my playlist?

If there is interest, I can expand the list to include 3 or 2 star rated songs, but it seemed reasonable to start with the favorites.

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4 Answers

Electronica Radio
Martin Garrix
Wolfgang Gartner
Lindsey Sterling

I use good old pandora while I'm at work and all of these electronic music types just keep me in a trance of focus and I get stuff done better. Though its different for everyone.

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To me music with lyrics is distracting, specially when one has to create. Let's face it unless you find music which has lyrics intentionally written for engineers, designer or scientists, you might s well listen to Barney. They are both irrelevant to your work.

Check out movies original sound tracks, gaming sound tracks and classical music on youtube.

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