What could be wrong with Autocad?

AutoCad 21.0 can't open the file I used earlier. But I can understand the program, what does it mean? AutoCAD Internal Error. In the settings of the program like nothing has changed. I really need to save this file. I need it in my work.

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2 Answers

There is a chance that the file is corrupt.
Can you open other files?
Can you create a new file, save it, then re-open it?

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1. Go to Tools --> Options

2. Inside Options go to the “Files” Tab (far left)

3. Inside the files tab go to: “Automatic Save File Location” and see where the
autosave files are stored. (mine where stored at C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp)

4. Then access that folder and try to find a file with the same file name but different extension. (The autosave files should have a either a .BAK or a .SV$ extension) (if you can’t see the folder, you need to go to Tools --> folder Options --> View --> and Make sure "show hidden files and folders" is SELECTED) .

5. Check the "date modified" of those files, if the date and time makes sense according to when you had the last file crshes, there is a good chance that those files contain the information you need, so there is no need to redraw everything.

6. Change the file extension of the file you think it might be the good one from .bak or .sv$ to .dwg (to be able to change the file extension you need to be able to see it. To do that, on any folder go to Tools --> Folder Options --> View --> and make sure that "Hide extensions for known file types" is UNCHECKED)

If your auto-save feature is disabled, you can enable it in AutoCAD by going to Tools --> Options --> "Open and Save" Tab --> and there make sure that the "Automatic save" on the lower left corner is active and preferably set to every 10 minutes or less. To easily change recover AutoCAD online the time of the autosave feature, use the SAVETIME system variable.


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