What could these parts be part of?

Hello together,
I'm writing a test in CAD-Construction. We already got some Parts in advance, which we create at home and bring them to the test with us. They are part of an assembly.
Now I'd like to ask the engineers of GRABCAD if they have a clue, what these parts refer to. Me and my colleagues thought of a soap-dispenser. I attached the drawings of the parts
What do you think of? Thank you in advance!

greetings :)

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3 Answers

Did you try typing any of the text in the title block in google translate? That might be able to help you.

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The title block doesn't contain any information. It is part of the test, that you don't know what the product will be. First I get this sheet of paper and at the day of the exam I am going to get the rest of the parts.

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Since these are just some of the parts, I'll take a wild guess and say Automobile.

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