What do I need to start free lance work?

Can some one gudie me to best books , sites and needs so one can start freelance. What are the basic needs hardware wise and what are basic skill sets that one needs to start the work on his own. Can you post here what are your experiences and what are possible pit-fouls of "going CAD commando" :)

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Balls, Big Balls!

Being self employed is working for the world's toughest boss!

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Hardware: the best you can afford to have, I upgraded a few weeks ago from AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (@3.74GHz), Asus M4A 785TD-V EVO and 6G Kingston HyperX DDR3 @1333MHz to Intel I-7 2600K (currently @4.4GHz) + GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 and 16G Mushkin Blackline DDR3 @1600MHz and the improvement is really noticeable.
Web site/Portfolio: collect the best of the best you designed, invented and created and create the best possible visual presentation about your work, skills you have and capabilities
Be active on as many places you can, where job offers are active (GrabCAD, Eng-Tips.com etc)

Then, start hunting jobs and offering your services.

In the meantime, work on everything that you might find to be a challenge for you, every new task should be a challenge which will lead you to the point where you learn something new, improve the skills and knowledge you already have... And of course, hope your lucky star is with you ;)

Remember, the work will not come to you, you will have to hunt for it...

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You need CAD software and a good computer that can run it. Post an AD on your local craigslist. It's free advertising. Lots of local companies need help that and need CAD work done, but cannot afford to hire someone full time.

Make sure you are up for the challenge and can deliver quality work and you can turn it around as quick as possible. If the job goes well you'll get more jobs and maybe they'll even recommend you to someone else who needs work done.

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The sad part is that locally there is a lot of ppl without jobs and with some working skills that make the finding job's tough. I really hope i will succeed to be my own boss some day as i really hate working for some one else - i always have the feeling I'm building there own empire and the castle - not my own as i should! :)

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