what do I need when downloading a file from solid works?

I use inventor and tried to download a file from solid works so I could see how part was made,but when downloaded the history tree is there but no part,I take it Im not getting the right file format?
If so could somebody explain it so I can pass on to the original file holder,thanks.

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Unfortunately, as with most CAD programs, when importing non-native files you will get only what we call a "dumb solid"; you will not get a true history tree. The measurements of the dumb solid will be accurate, but you won't be able to see how it was constructed.

The most "universal" file format for export or import is IGES (International Graphics Exchange Specification). I'm not sure about the others, but both Inventor and SolidWorks' import algorithms provide a means to try to reconstruct" the history tree in its own methodology. In highly complex models, this is not always entirely successful.

You can attempt to use other non-native file formats, such as step, sat, or stl, using the same process. Occasionally, these will work when IGES will not. I'm not sure how or why. The problem here is the CAD business, in general. They are all in business to sell their products, not necessarily to help the engineer communicate.

Your best bet is, if you can get them, is dimensioned drawings in PDF format, and then reconstruct the models yourself. I'm sure that's not the answer you were looking for, and I'm sorry.

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if you have the knowledge and creativity, you can do anything, you do not expect much, if grabcad not have a patent rules for the model designer. grabcad is container to interact, share knowledge, hobbies, not to seek unilateral advantage, by selling other people's models.

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