What do you think about new GrabCAD HOME page

We created that to show only best content on GrabCAD.

Love to get your feedback, what to improve.


15 Answers

perfect =)

Hardi Home page is so much better now from a visual aspect and you only see models rather than ever ones comments right away very big improvement.

this option to follow models, questions is great again top class work guys congrat'z to you and the staff.

I find the new homepage impressive and professional. It is also beautifull to start surfing and exploring the GrabCAD-models.

For now, only surprised. Probably need to get used to it. Not bad, though... Actually, quite good. Well, if I think about it, it's great!... No doubt, perfect, Whoo-Hooo! ;)

Hmmm I liked the previous one but models look so much better with bigger screen shots. The new one looks good.
Just a question though, on what basis a model would be considered 'Popular'?

Another thing Hardi, when I upload a new model I think it's completely unnecessary to show all the renders and formats in the home page.

Much better looking. Thanks!

we had the problem, this is fixed now.

Nice work!

GRABCAD did work good job

This is a very nice adition. I didn't have much time to check out but it is great.

I usually don't check the home page, the new home page looks more abstract

the only working tab is the popular tab, once you click on the other two you will get the error page. !!

All three tabs are working at my end... (FF browser)

I like statistics and news, it would be great if some updates on challenges and other grabcad related information would show on the "home" page. And i would really want to have the statistics back to the "home" page also. And the statistics on the "profile" page isnt all that readable as the old one at the "home" page. just my 5 cents.