What do you think about Spaceclaim ?

I heard about the program that flexible, easy to desing etc. Is there anyone using Spaceclaim ? Does it answer to everything you need ? (Simulation, animation, analysis etc.) I will want to learn it but I am not sure.

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It´s much easier to model sheet metal parts since it´s just one tool used to pull out (extrude) making rounded corners etc and making whatever geometry you like. I also think it´s more useful when it comes to modeling and making changes to dead files: like step or iges since you don´t have to use any feature recognition whatsoever.


We use Space Claim in my workplace and my idea is that it is hard to learn compared to other cad systems like solidworks. I also find myself frustrated when making changes to existing geometry for instance i dont like that i can´t just like in solidworks double click on the feature itself enter a value and be done with, it i have to use measure than use the move function than drag it to the place or enter the value it doesn´t feel reliable. also when drawing a rectangle to make a change on the longside i have to mark the opposite length to make the change. We are also quite pissed that it keeps writing journal files to our harddrive for unknown reason (space claim indeed).

Putting that aside i find myself using it more frequently than solidworks, keep in mind that i´m not an experienced user so could be things i´ve missed.

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