What do you think of the future jobs in Mechanical engineering designer?

Hello, Guys

I just graduated collage with a mechanical engineering bachelor's degree and work for tool manufacturing company right now.
I'm in machining department which is manufacturing Diamond BITE and rotation tools like reamer or end-mill . Its work is not as the same I expected before I starting this job, Because I have to make lots of documents right away instead of designing something. What I wanna ask people here is about the future of mechanical engineering design. Actually, The shape of products in my company is very simple compared to some part of an automobile like a transmission or stirring system. So we just work with 2D software like Cadra and Autocad. There is no software for a simulation for products like ANSIS or ABQUS. I don't think my company wants to improve their products more sophisticated.

Recently, I can read easily articles about AI or Deep-learning. I sometimes feel I'm getting far away from the future technology like them. How can mechanical engineers be different with others for the future ?

In addition, Electric car doesn't need Transmission, many tool manufacturer related to fabricate transmission like us is worrying about it. In my situation, I don't know what area I should be focus on. Because we don't use 3D software in my company at all, And I don't know what qualification would be helpful to me right now.

Would somebody advise me.

Thanks for reading my Question.

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I think you should continue this job and learn the relevant stuff( designing or simulation or programming whatever interest you) in free time and then switch industry. I am yet to start my first job but as far as I know, the experience is important. you can not work on the complex problem with mere knowledge. you must know how to apply it in the right direction and with available resources. good luck!!!

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In the engineering - manufacture industry our job is to make stuff. When at the start of a career, the boring and monotonous tasks is where we all start out, keeping paperwork and records in order is one of these jobs. Boring this may be but as engineers we should, as with all tasks, do the best job we can. Use this time to learn how to make good tooling in your place of work, Analise all processes in the production system look for possible improvements, when stuff ups are made, look into why, learn as much as you can from the experienced men in the factory. Education and qualifications are only the first step, you have just started the next step, learning discipline and thoroughness, all components of a good engineer. In this modern world good CAD skills are important, but don't limit yourself to only one software.

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I always ask young engineers... "how do you think you're going to design good, robust products if you don't have a good understanding of manufacturing capabilities?". As lawrie said, take advantage of the opportunity. No one expects you to do anything but sponge up information right now. The more you know about product failures, line issues, etc., the better you'll be at designing those problems out of future products.

Everyone has a dream of graduating, getting a glamorous high-profile design job... but that's not the way it works. Even if you were to land a 'dream' job, you'd be designing some low-risk portion of the product with heavy oversight. Everyone goes through it and as with anything, you can look at it two ways.... 1) this is a drag, I want to be doing the glam work.... or 2) this is a great opportunity; who are the really sharp people because I want to learn everything they can teach me...

One way leads to lots of frustration and disgruntlement... the other, to more opportunities. 'Learners' are seen as a good candidates for growth.

Once you have some experience under your belt... perhaps you can plug resumes to companies you're really interested in working at.

Good luck.

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Brother you're in the future. Try to learn how CNC machine programming differently by different setup and work instead of how to machining car wheel rim only in your entire life.

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