What Do YOU Want To See In GrabCAD's Mobile App?

Hey Everyone!

I'm GrabCAD's new mobile developer working on a new revision of the mobile app. We wanted to get some ideas for the next release! What features of GrabCAD would you like to take with you on the go?

Also what are the top 5 apps you use the most?


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I'd like to have the ability to search models. Maybe I'm missing something, but the mobile app only seems to be able to show a predetermined list of models (the "popular" ones?). It would be great as well to select certain categories or keywords and be "notified"when there are new models, etc. Particularly on the ipad app, if it acted like other apps that show the red circle in the upper right corner of the app icon when there are updates that would be cool.

My top 5 apps (not among the base install ipad apps) are (in no particular order):

Kindle App
XFinity TV

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I am constantly on GrabCAD from my iPhone and iPad. We don't have webgl so a way to see comments made on pins would be nice.

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Hey Andrew welcome to GrabCAD //Handshake. I would like the ability to have the same freedom to move around as I would on the web page. I would also like to see the categories been easy to access for updates and also the ability to read the blogs and also the Q&A's section as this is a place I visit most on GrabCAD to maybe able to help someone with there problems.
Auto desk - Force effects
Auto desk - Force effects motion
Auto desk - Sketch book
Auto desk - 123D Sculpt
Face book.

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A way to go back and edit comments, answers, or remarks as I am a horrible speller and my phone loves to change words on me without my knowledge that I often miss until after I have submitted my post. It would be nice to be able to edit it instead of needing to delete and re-post as to not sound as dumb. (maybe a built in spell check!)

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As I stated in my last answer I am constantly on GrabCAD on my iPad and iPhone. I have actually talked to a few of the GrabCAD staff about needing to work on their mobile platform for some time so I am excited that you have jointed the team Andrew Rosenblatt. Welcome!

So I am going to tell you what I think is already good and what we need or is lacking.

The GrabCAD app looks nice but is extremely limited in its current form. We need to be able to search the library and be able to do most of the thing you can do on the web site:
-The biggest thing is being able to log in to your own profile so a person has access to their own models and can leave comments on others.
-One of the things that is difficult to do on the website from a mobile devise it to press some of the buttons as they are small or a little pop-up box telling what the button does gets in the way. The mobile app need to have ways to navigate easily.
-It is also almost imposible to download a file from a mobile devise. I use SolidWorks and there is a viewer for the ipad so I would like to be able to download files to my device. Also renderings would great do download and it is not simple to do as the site currently stands.
-I have noticed that when I access my private projects from a mobile device the pictures of the models do not show up. I am not sure what the deal is with that.
-I know that Apple is not going to be having Flash or WebGL any time soon, but a 3D viewer would be nice. if this is not possible-, at least being able to see the text related to pins in the 3D viewer. I hate seeing that someone left a pin on a model and needing to wait until I can get to a computer to see what they had to say.
-It would also be nice to be able to upload models or renderings from the mobile device.
-I would also like to be able to search engineers with even more detail then is currently available, such as a mile radius or by state.

These are just the items I can think of right off the top of my head. Be sure that I will let you know when I think of more!

Again, Welcome to the community and I look forward to the wonderful mobile app you are sure to give us!

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GrabCAD now has an app for both iOS and Android! We released our Android app yesterday and will continue to develop tools that help you get your work done. Keep the wishes coming :)

Get the Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grabcad
Get the iPad and iPhone apps: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/grabcad/id518400211

We would love for our Community to rate and review the app! Please send any feedback to info@grabcad.com or urgent issues to support@grabcad.com.

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I would like the ability to log in with Facebook

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