What good CAD exists for self-learning people?

I noticed that in several software industries, including CAD, they maybe unintentionally do their best to exclude poor people:

1. Software costs a lot, sometimes staggering amounts that is bigger than the income of several years for a single-year license.

2. When they DO have a free version of some kind, it is usually exclusive to university students, some even call people professors and whatnot to be sure, this still is extremely excluding, since in some places only the elite go to university.

I am on OSX right now (my Windows computer broke :( I am using a borrowed MacMini), so I would love OSX suggestions, but I wanted the thread to be more in general too, to anyone that find it by google search...

So, what CAD software people can use legally when they are self-learning? (thus they are not university students, and obviously can't afford a professional version either, and since they are still learning, the usual 30 day "Trial" time is not enough either).

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