what happened to element in action and reaction?

i need just answer this
why the tungsten element are burn?
same action happen in the space . what is the result????????

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If smoke can leave the element, then a hole must exist in the glass. A hole allows the atmosphere to enter the bulb. The atmosphere contains ~20% oxygen, so the element will rapidly oxidize when heated in the presence of oxygen.
The result is a dead light bulb.

I should add that if this bulb with a hole in it were surrounded by a vacuum, or an inert atmosphere (i.e Argon, Nitrogen...etc.). It would continue to function without burning up.

Other types of lights (i.e. neon) would not function with a hole in them. They are based on the excitation of the gasses within them to emit their various colors. If the gas is gone, so is the light.

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