What happens with CATIA V5 files when you import them into a licensed CATIA v5 client but you have created them into a pirated similar version?

I recently acquired a licensed version of CATIA v5 and I was wondering if it is possible to use/ modify catia parts that I have created using a pirated V5R21version?

Can this procedure be realized this way: pirated->licensed, licensed->pirated??

Thank you

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Hi friend!!! I totally recommended you to create, the new parts in your new license, because some link, will broke, I made this before and I can tell you some models, they were broken their links, I dont know why, the links were broken before with the pirated version, with the new license CATIA V5. Thats my reccomendation to you. I dont know if someone from here, have another experience, with this.

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There is not any difference in both the version. The difference is in the licence server side. Client will remain same.

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