What is a difference between the mates in a multibody environment and the mates in the assembly mode in SW?


3 Answers

those in multibody environment can't be used in motion but in case of assembly they can be used.

In part mode exist a feature "insert part".
I primary used it for little assemblies where is no change, but when you made an assembly with this part where is another part inserted, you can'n seen inserted part in BOM
?I think?
I try it but unsuccesfully. but weight of that part is included.

Mates in a multibody environment are generally harder to add and modify. Otherwise there really isn't much of a difference. If you're creating an assembly, do it in an assembly. I tend to avoid the multibody mates because of the ease in which parts can be edited within an assembly, unless I'm trying to create an imprint or groove within a part.