What is a good book in Mechanical Engineering in the Automotive field?

I already got the book "Automotive Engineering Chassis System and Vehicle Body" and Shigley s Mechanical Engineering Design 8th Edition 2006 (also getting The Automotive Body: Volume I: Components Design-AD and The Automotive Body: Volume II: System Design) and they do give a great deal of very useful information in overall automotive engineering form engine to all other parts. I just did a quick browse havent had the time to go through in detail. But what I was looking for was a book specifically in Automotive Engine Engineering which outlines all the technical features of a modern car engine. Any suggestions?

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In the meantime, I would go here and do a little searching for books. If you can't find a helpful book here then I'm not sure you'll find one anywhere.

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How technical do you want to get in detail?

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as much as possible Im already doing a little bit of studding in the physics behind the internal combustion engine but I want very detailed Technical information I want to be able to fully understand how the components of the engine work and behave so I will be able to accurately model and animate. Im not that concerned with materials and the manufacturing process the engine and its components, tolerances, dimensions, physics, fluid dynamics etc

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i have pro. R.B.Gupta's book...
it is nice book for automobile..

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