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what is a spine in CATIA??

By ISHAN NANDE on 01 Jun 18:33 2 answers 3266 views 0 comments


2 answers

  • a1ce339a
    a1ce339a over 4 years ago

    The use of a spine curve in variable filleting, swept and lofted surfaces is generally used as a guide curve to orient the cross-section of the feature as it moves along its path.

  • Hesham Elsaqa
    Hesham Elsaqa over 2 years ago

    spine...used in complex case of a guided spine .it is the successive addition of the points on the line of the intersection of the plane normal to a tangent at a point on the first guide and a plane normal to a tangent of the first one projected on the second guide tangent .....this photo explains ..
    if you need to revise anymore concepts , i will be glad to share

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