what is alternative tool for 3d max slice in solidworks

i have a 3D model sport car prototype and i have to make sections to make smaller parts and then i will make a wooden mold by CNC engraving machine,
but unfortunately i do not know how to use slice tool like i have in 3ds max ,

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2 Answers

honestly, i don't know of a tool that is comparable at all. for that purpose i would just us the extruded cut tool and manipulate the plane its on and the sketch if necissary. just make a big circle or square in the sketch on a secondary plane and make a deep extruded cut. start changing the dimentions of the plane the sketch is on and it will work similarly enough for cutting up the part purposes.

A weird adaptation but shouldn't be That much harder to manipulate.

hope that helped. if you found a better way please post because i love solidworks for everything but lack of tools like slice

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thank you dear Adam, i used section tool , and then i captured screen image , all i wanted to do is to make some sections of a lamborghini reventon to replicate it,

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