What is best CAD format to export from assem (SolidWorks) to Maya,3ds Max,VRED,ShowCase and C4D?

Question by Paveldolni

I going to graduate on technical high school and i have picked final project "Solutions for rendering CAD models" and i wonder what is best format to export in.I have only one simple condition such as models or assembly has to be with material,i will dont have to modify any background or lights or anything,just import into software setup white background and hit render.

Using Solidworks premium 2014,Autodesk products 2015 and C4D R15

Btw : Direct import to 3ds Max with soldiworks turn on does not working :/

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2 Answers

Jan Van Opstal
Answered on 25 Jun, 2016 07:11 PM

Most easy? Have Solid Works open. All parts you want to export unsuppressed and saved. Drag the saved file from the filefolder over the taskbar to the "OPEN Maya icon" and then keep dragging up, until the Maya windows opens. Release in a viewport ....

That's it folks :-) Hope you enjoy this one :-)))

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Answered on 8 Aug, 2016 04:18 AM

For 3DSMAX and MAYA.
Import Solidworks part file into Showcase. Use showcase as a tesselator. Export out of Showcase as FBX into Maya 3dsmax etc. Also works with Iges and Step instead of part file.

VRED opens most files. You can also export an FBX to use in 3dsmax and Maya out of VRED.

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