What is best way to learning Ansys?

what is best way to learning ansys?lots of thanks for your guidances.

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hey morteza (salam refigh)
i just suggest u to have a quick look on Abaqus and then decide to choose Ansys.
Abaqus is relly more user friendly and ofcourse easier to learn.im really happy to that.just try it and then choose ur software.

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The best way in which you can learn to use and understand ANSYS, is to install it first on your computer and made tutorial existed on internet. In this moment, you must focus on tutorials which resolve very simple problem, which can be done very easy and there solution can be check easy with some hand calculus. Because not only to know command from ANSYS is important (attached materials, contacts through parts, boundary condition, etc) also the mesh is important, do it in parallel tutorials which learn you how to made different type of mesh, how differ the results only if you will change mesh. Of course, to learn how to use Design Modeller is important too, especial to made simplifications on bodies imported from different softwares and formats.
After you have already little experience and you know basic commands and principle, participate to specialized training. In this manner you will fix your goal and the progress will be visible by you. Don´t forget that the study which you will observed on Internet (Google, youtube, etc) is made by the engineer which have some years of work with ANSYS. So, be realist and start with begin because there is your final scope to be an specialist. Unfortunately for this you must begin with basics knowledge (how can be transposed much accurate the real problem in virtual language in a manner in which the results corresponding to reality and based on him you can drawn conclusions and propose solutions).

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there are many parts in ansys. decide what you want to learn. u can easily learn structural and thermal from the help available inside ansys. but if you want to learn fluent and cfx i would suggest you go through some training in an institute.

A good way to start is following our ANSYS step-by-step tutorials at :
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Merhaba From Turkiye,

"learning ANSYS" or "learning CAE software" starts with understand FEA theory. I recommend you to first study few FEA problems after start to use such software. Otherwise you just get "blue to red spectrum" and try to comment results.

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msuraj1992@gmail.com....I am also starting with Ansys. I read your approaches.This is my email id. I would like to collect information where you followed initially when learning Ansys. Thanks in advance.

cae associates on youtube channel

i recommend all of you to start with ansys classic. Later you can switch Workbench interface. But anyway as Workbench user you would need sometimes classic ansys command to put in som particular studies. Also Ansys Workbench uses classical at background. So my advice is;

1. First start with ANSYS classical tutorials. (you can find dozens in internet)
2. Second, learn how to simulate with ANSYS Classical command line.
3. Prepare at least few advance classical studies.
4. Then switch Workbench.

I will help you all time.

(Also search about; cae associates, pad.inc and edr no sites.)

ANSYS CFD/FEA Professional Upcoming Course

ANSYS course that will contain surprises is being made and after two months at least from now it will be published on the internet in English. So, you can enter its group on Facebook for its news and updates in which you can give your suggestions. Also, it will contain Activities, Assignments, Quizzes, and Exercises with all the requires theoretical basics and resources.
Course subtitles: English and Arabic Subtitles.

The link of group is:

usually Ansys comes with some basic tutorials under Help that give you a better understanding of the procedures of medeling and solving in Ansys!
you could also check out helpful videos on youtube

Send me your mail Id i will send u some hand made tutorials by me which may help u

Hi, I am staring with ANSYS and I want to you send some tutorials.
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I need the best way to learn Ansys too

Sir I also started with ansys....bt the problem whatever results are given by ansys I need to crosscheck it .....So how I can do pls suggest me...

How can wear is calculated in ansys by using archard equation on pin on disk model..pls help me

Here a free ansys online course on the learning platform edx. It includes a student licens for ansys


I recommend you to start with Huei Huang Lee' s ANSYS lectures in the very beginning. Its easy and understandable and you will quickly adapt to workbench interface.
For further if you want to be fully equipped with deep FEA knowledge you need to study theoretical lectures such as;





Just goto this link and follow the instructions.you will definately gonna learn.
No need to describe anything just click and learn.
Hope this helps.