What is better, video or pictorial type of CAD tutorial?

I wish to open discussion about efficiency of two types of tutorials, video and pictorial/textual tutorials. I am favoring pictorial/textual tutorials as you can print them and because they are static. Video tutorials are problematic when you have to go back just a few seconds to see some detail and when in low quality or double speed for Youtube upload.

Two of mine tutorials

one video:

and one with pictures/text:

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I would have to agree with you Ivan on the pictures/text being the best even if you are luck enough to have a duel monitor CAD system you will always need to stop and play it back a little no matter what as they might be working @ to fast a pace for you to pick up on what is getting told @ the time. With picture/text you can go @ your own pace.

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It depends on the knowledge of the reader/viewer. I always find myself in a pickle trying to be thorough when I answer a question here since I don't know how good the one who's asking with CAD. It seems that most of the time the questions lack details, images or even the question itself, when someone asks a general question you can't just give a step-by-step solution.
I really wish if people put more effort in asking the question if they expect someone to put an effort in the answer.
Now to answer your question, I find beginners tend to like videos since they can see every step of the process, more advanced users just need the idea or a direction to head toward.
Sorry if I got off topic here.

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I disagree and think that video is the better medium. While you have to rewind with video, there is always content left out in written tutorials. This applies more to long form tutorials though. If you see any of SolidWorks training manuals, they are quite confusing and often skip little bits of information covered in previous chapters. But I'm jaded from working for a reseller and running training classes.

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I am for the video tutorial. You can see every step when someone is modeling something and if you are not sure about something you can allways rewind and if tutorial is done from start to finish than there are no sciped steps, like In some text/pictures tutorials.

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i have learned all the way through Video Tutorials... reading the pictorial stuff is kinda borring.... but i also accepts that i prefer pictorial tutorials over video when the video's quality is low and poor...

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I think both video and pictorial/textual are good depending on the topic and I find also the mood you're in :)
Pictorial/textual step by step tutorials must be pretty detailed though, sorry Ivan I have to use your tutorial as an example, your tutorial does convey the basic intent for someone who has some knowledge of NX, I've done this also where I know what I'm doing in my head but for total beginners they don't know what I'm thinking, so every step should be documented and I tend not to use a custom icon set up because everyone else will have their icons set the way they're comfortable with or are in front of the default icons on first launch. I would use the default menu when doing an action, for example;

'We will start this tutorial with a new document (File > New).
Then we'll start with a Sketch (Insert > Sketch) you will notice three work planes in front of you, for the purpose of this exercise pick any plane to start sketching on.
We will now draw a closed spline using (Insert > Sketch Curve > Studio Spline) blah...blah...blah.
You get what I mean, for people who are familiar with the software they will skim through the tutorial and for total beginners they will read every word and get the same result you have in the accompanying image, which will make them very happy :)

Videos are the same thing, I prefer videos with voice even if it's in another language because the tutor will be speaking out each step and click of the mouse which tends to pace the tutorial instead of clicking three or four things in a millisecond where you're forced to rewind.

Check out Adam's tutorials at cadjunkie, here's just one of them http://cadjunkie.com/2017/tutorials_2010_nxmyfirstsurface/, if anyone can't follow his concise and very detailed tutorial then they're not meant for Cad.....maybe carpentry would be better for them ;)

Sorry again Ivan for picking on your tutorials, hope you don't take offence.

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I have about 40G of video tutorials for SW collected in the past few years. Found them to be easier and more handy while sitting in front of the screen. Sometimes I just need a quick reminder of procedures and techniques I don't use often. Tried with books. Not my cup of tea.

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Video will appeal to a wider range, especially people that speak different languages, which appears there are a lot of on this website which is international.

I favor pictures/text because you can go at your own pace and if there's anything left out it just makes it more of a challenge. I built the Audi R8 from the video tutorial and it was aggravating because it went to slow and meticulous in some areas and too fast to even pick up basic dims in others.

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