What is difference between Ansys APDL and Ansys workbench.

I need to know difference between Ansys APDL and Ansys Workbench and there usage because i want to do project of mtech by using ansys software. I am getting confuse of it which one to learn, I need to know advantages of both.

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Ansys Workbench.............................Ansys Product Launcher- APDL
1. Interface is easy.............................little clumpsy
2. Interacts easily with........................only IGES/Step file can be imported
other CAD packages.
3. Step wise solving scheme..............not in a clear orderly manner
4. Little errors such as contact...........the model should be free from error.
errors are neglected/allowed
5. If a mistake is done it can be.........no such options no possiblity of ctrl+Z
rectified easily
6. Update geometries, Boundary........it is difficult
conditions or add parameters
7. You can integrate two or more........once again it is difficult
solvers. ie. structural+thermal,
thermal+fluid etc...
8. Vast analysis capabilities,...............Analysis is limited.
wide area of applications
Overall workbench is easy for beginners to start their analysis, easy to learn. and for advanced persons its like a feast. In ansys v15 the apdl has been integrated with workbench.. Hope I cleared your doubt.....

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The difference depends on what you need to do, the velocity to resolve your problem, accuracy and resurse available. Even the Sankar write an list with some differences, the discussion is much longer. The biggest differences constain in level of details and speed of use it. So, if Classic or MAPDL is more detailed and feasible in add and choice different type of elements, operations, etc, the Workbench offers speed in obtain an results without so many details added on preprocesor, solver and postprocesor. The advantages and disadvantage depends on what do you have need. My suggestion is to use module "Mechanical Model" to create contact, add material on components, create Name Components and Mesh (which is most consumer time spent in Workbench) and after that to link the model on Classic or MADPL and continue with adding loads, constraints, etc.

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sir whatever we do the analysis in ansys workbench all those can be done with apdl also.

Yes, you have write veer vikram singh. I am also a user from "old school" and I use ANSYS MAPDL. Except that, start from version 12.0 of ANSYS, I combine the power of ANSYS Workbench in mesh, add material, contacts, named reference with power of ANSYS MAPDL (boundary condition, loads, load steps, solver, post-processor).

hello sir,
what is the ansys software. and how many interface window in ansys. actually i am interseted to learn about ansys software but i cn't find the right path. so please give me some some information about ansys and how i am learn about it.
basisly i am design engg using solidworks, solidedge, autocad. so please give some help

Hi jitendra,

ANSYS is a software which use finite element to solve problems from various fields/domains (structural, thermal, fluid flow, electrical, and so on ...) as well coupled between. Because I start to learn ANSYS with ANSYS Classic, I recommend you also to start to learn it using the same route. The reason is very simple: only with ANSYS Classic you will be able to understand all principles of ANSYS (element type, materials, mesh, contacts, and so on ...).

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whats the difference between
1. ANSYS DesignModeler
2. ANSYS Mechanical
3. ANSYS Mechanical Solver
4. ANSYS Mechanical PrepPost
when we should use specific licence?
Help will be verymuch appreciated