What is happening with the GRABCAD ranking?

Some designers are so succesfull that they can gain +10.000 points in less then 1 week.
So many likes ??!!???..............
Is the system not watertight??
Can the system have been manipulated?

Please comment to this question to get the necessary attention

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Some designer have +2500 extra points per day, this means 500 likes per day.
It must be awesome models..............

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I can appreciate the intervention of GrabCAD Mgt.
In my opinion a fair ranking respects:
model complexity (some models cost +40 h of design,other models can be made within 5 min.or downloaded from a library),
the appreciation of the GrabCAD-community (likes of models and renders, profile views, downloads, upvotes, ....
the engineers involvement like model uploads, Q&A contribution, upload of renders, comments, ....

I know that a fair ranking system is a complex matter, but it is an opportunity for the GrabCAD Mgt. to surprise us.

Best regards and I wish all a lot succes and creativity,

A3NCAD - Belgium

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Do not look at the score but the quality,
I too have noticed this phenomenon.
Just create false accounts and give scores

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Watertight?! Come on man, let's be more honest.
It's getting ridiculous, I really think those who just throw junk models and renders left and right are ruining (more accurately ... ruined) GrabCAD let alone the 'Engineers' who 'borrow' models from other sites and load them on GC by the bucket in the name of 'sharing' and making the excuse that they mentioned the creator so it's okay, let alone creating fake ID's so they can get on the first pages of the Engineers tab. What a disgrace.
It's kind of sad to see so called 'Engineers' acting like children (and this is coming form a 21 year old guy, I'm not 50+).

I've been with GrabCAD since almost its launch and been loving it, it's been open on my browser all this time. Now I rarely check it out.

I think GrabCAD has been going backward for a while despite all the new added features.

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There is a lot stress-rendering nowadays. It looks like a competition between engineers.

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Please GRABCAD team to make doping control :)

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I like it when the system works.
Thx for the intervention.
Please keep on commenting to this item, to ensure the system of ranking reflects the good work of the designers and honnors the "likes" of the models and the renders of the GrabCAD'ers and so to obtain a better "GrabCAD platform!
A3NCAD - Belgium

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I'm new to this site and like it but I even noticed that its the same guys everyday day uploading,I know I'm new to the game but if these guys are doing all these models,their work rate is like a machine,even I know that on some projects there's time spent working out your plan of attack before starting the model,if I'm wrong please tell me or else I'm STARTING IN THE WRONG PROFESSION and I'm in my early forties and have experience in a lot of creative stuff,I built speedboats and RIBs for along time,where alot of design and thought goes into it as each boat is bespoke!!!Anyway thats of topic,just hope its not turning into a competition here instead of a place of learning and quality advice from sincere folks!I dont care about my score,I just want to learn and be inspired!....James

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I don't care about Rank or other thing.... about rendering (i am never good at this..). So being on first page is just enough....
before the scores are update i am on about 6th place now on 4th... :p

Also before updating score i had seen mahmoud Eng with 12k points on first page right now barely on 3k...

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something just happend to the scoring! I just noticed that a lot of movement in the ranking. I think the grabCAD is working at this "problem".

thank you!!

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We've been reading this Q&A page and are aware of some shortcomings with the current score system. We have a vision for a fair score system where high score indicates both engineering/design ability and GrabCAD activity and participation. We will continue to develop the scoring system to be in line with that vision.

In the short term, here is what we are going to do. In addition to our current method of investigating reported models and deleting them from the library, GrabCAD members who are found in violation of our terms of service will have their score reset to zero. At first, we will do this once weekly.

We ask you to continue to report models which are not the uploader's original work as many of you have been. Please also email Kaspar (kaspar@grabcad.com) or send him a private message if you notice any suspicious or abnormal member activity. We are committed to improving the scoring system. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please add a comment below-- We're listening.

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Yes, you are right - unfortunately. Quality doesn't matter, I see some "engineers" uploading formats, uploading formats, uploading formats,... Just to raise their score - how boring.
Or adding rendering by rendering. In my view especially these two scoring points are for quality are great problem.

Best regards

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