What is mean boundary condition in ansys icepak.

Hello guys,

I'm very new to analysis. Right now i'm doing thermal analysis in ansys icepak my project is steady state thermal analysis for heat sink with module in natural convection. three modules placed on the heat sink equally spaced with respect wattage 150 w, 90 w, 60w,. And the cabinet x-directions are opening respect minimum & maximum. minimum side x-velocity is 10m/s. ambient temperature is 45deg Celsius,Heat transfer coefficient is 10 w / m-k.mesh is non-con formal mesh. I don't know what is boundary condition in my analysis .whatever i'm doing correct even i'm getting correct result . but if some asking me what is the boundary condition of your analysis means what i want to say.

please help me & also suggest me website can learn ansys icepak tutorial based

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