What is more important to take quicker renders on a computer?

Tips for faster renders.
Which one has more importance than others;
CPU frequency/cores
Graphic Card memory/frequency/cores
RAM capacity/frequency
needed other things (OC, cooling,etc.)

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2 Answers

It's going to depend on what software you use first of all. For example, Vray or Octane primarily use the GPU, so generally, the the more GPU memeory/cuda cores you have, the better. Doubling cards/cores does not mean doubling performance though. Blender or KeyShot primarily use the CPU so the more processors, the better. The GPU is fast at executing simple parallel code. The CPU cranks the more complex algorithms and handle real-time raytracing very well. After that extra RAM is always nice to have.

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wow josh i really didnt know that.u r an expert in computer.rnt u?

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