what is publication in catia?

what is the use of publication in catia v5. how to provide others my drawing without dimension?

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What is the use of publication in catia v5?

Publication in CATIA is a method to flag and name certain geometry in CATIA. Generally, published geometry is referenced (copied with a link) to other CATPart files, in a Relational Design scenario.

One of the benefits of using publications is that it updates the child parts when the published geometry is replaced in the parent part.

For example: you have a MASTER.CATPart file containing master geometry to control other parts within the assembly. (other systems call this the "skeleton") This master file contains several parallel planes. The plane in the center of the assembly is published as the "CENTER PLANE" and it is referenced on several components so everyone knows and designs their parts based on this center plane. Now, half-way through the design process, the width of the assembly changes, and a new plane is added at the new center. By changing the publication and replacing the old plane with the new plane (and renaming the new plane "CENTER PLANE"), all the component parts are automatically modified.

How to provide others my drawing without dimension?

By providing the 3D CATPart and/or CATAssembly files, assuming everthing has been modeled to 1:1 scale. This eliminates the need for a drawing.

Others can measure the 3D models to get whatever dimensions they need, or they can use the 3D models directly (such as 3D Printing).

However, the 3D model may not contain important information, such as material, tolerances, special notes, etc. that is typically included on a drawing. For this reason, many CATIA users add FTA annotations to their CATPart files. These FTA annotations are basically 3D dimensions.