what is solidworks express - and do you recommend signing up for it?

If it's useful (ie, like GrabCad is useful), I'm up for it. But if it's spammy horse manure - I don't have time for it. Any input is appreciated.

1 Answer

SW Xpress tools are: DriveWorksXpress, DFMXpress, SimulationXpress and FloXpress.

DriveWorksXpress provides entry-level Design Automation. It is ideal for everyday repetitive design tasks and can be used to create multiple variations of your models.

DFMXpress is an analysis tool that validates the manufacturability of SOLIDWORKS parts. You can use DFMXpress to identify design areas that might cause problems in fabrication or increase production costs.

SimulationXpress provides entry-level FEA by applying loads and fixtures to your part, specifying its material, analysing the part and viewing the results.

FloXpress gives you an insight into how fluids will flow through your model.

For more info, check this article: