What is taper ratio 1:50 means for pins

In engineering drawing pins length and one large diameter is given, what is the way to find other diameter if taper ratio is given as 1:50

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3 Answers

They are steel rods with one end having a slightly larger diameter than the other. Standard inch-sized tapered pins have a taper on diameter of 1:48[1] while metric ones have a taper of 1:50.

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the 1:50 is ratio of the whole pin. so ratio 0,5:50 is ratio of one side.
taper is in degrees -> taper = arctg(0,5/50) = 0,57294

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Inch taper pins are usually 1:48
Metric taper pins are usually 1:50
So d = D - L/48 inch sizes
d = D - L/50 metric sizes
L is length of pin

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