What is the best book for Machine Drawing

I am a newbie and understanding machine drawing I think is the first step to being deep in machine engineering. So I really need a book for that. Can you help me?. Thank you in advance!

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"Shigley's Engineering Design" by Budynas & Nisbett is good, as is "Design of Machine Elements" by Bhandari.

For detailed specs of individual elements, "Machinery's Handbook" is very good.

For understanding of how different things are made, "Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials" by Kalpakjian & Schmid is excellent.

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Great suggestions from Dom.

A few of my favs...

Fundamentals of Machine Component Design by Juvinall and Marshek.

Precision Machine Design by Alexander Slocum. Perhaps a bit more 'advanced' but a great book nonetheless.

Technical Drawing by Goetsch & Chalk

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If you are new to mechanical design let me recommend this book, I hope it will be very useful as it was to me. MACHINE DRAWING THIRD EDITION

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