What is the best books to read on surface modelling?

What is the best books to read on surface modelling for Auto desk software like IV or Alias if you are new to surface modelling.

Thank you

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Books? What are books? Try it yourself and find out!

Get |Rhinoceros 30 save trial version from their website, and start modeling! there are a few tricks to make solids using surfaces there.
-make surfaces that touch each other at their borders, and form a closed model together.
-Join them together with the Join command.
-You can now use the Solid tools on this thing in Rhino itself, and even SolidWorks (AFAIK) will recognize it as solid.

I would want to ask you to try it yourself, hands-on! if you get questions along the way which you cannot seem to answer by yourself, contact the community here. As you know, we will help. ^^ Since you are smart and love to do modeling, Im sure you will master surface modeling quite fast...

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I have one called 'Solidworks, Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling" by Matt Lombard. Publisher is Wiley.
It has a companion website where you can download the examples used in the book and you can walk thru them like tutorials.

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books? what are books? or you just miss typed ebooks? :P

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