What is the best CAD for hobby 3d modeling?

I'm looking for affordable cad software for my hobby.
I mean cad software that cheap price, sufficient for general 3d modelling (sketch, extrude,revole, sweep, fillet/chamfer,etc...) and 2d drawing.
Could anyone guide me "What is the best cad software for me"?

Thank in advance

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You can download Autodesk Inventor Professional for free (educational version)


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If you were looking for just hobby modelling i would go for DraftSight, its free and supports all that your looking for


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Have you any experience with 3d yet? If not Inventor is free for students, Solid Works is my preferred parametric modeling software.
I would stay away from Pro-e it’s more of web based company software.
really it comes down to which software your more comfortable with. That’s taking for granted that you won’t be doing any Aerospace, or military weapons (:

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Maybe take a look in Google at TURBO CAD or Design CAD from IMSI !
They are cheap prices in earlyer Versions and i think,they are right for hobby drawing at home!

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try sketchup first .its free light and easy.
then you can progess to solidworks or maya

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It has been a while since anyone has posted to this question and there maybe some new developments.

Like Charoenpon555 I'm looking for affordable cad software for my hobby. I don't want to pay yearly fees. I only use the software a dozen times or so a year so much over $100.00 I have to be pretty well sold on.I want 3D modeling software that operates and feels like CadKey and would even be up for older versions that may be a bit klunky.

Any ideas?

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