What is the best CAD programme/package for my company?

I am currently using AutoCAD but feel I am limited of what I can produce.

I work for a process pipework company where we specialise in the food industry however we do supply pipework for other industries too.

we have the requirement to produce large 3D models of large pipework systems from surveys whilst also producing smaller drawings of single spools and other components in 2D and 3D,

what programme/package would you recommend for us to have?


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For you I would recommend Solidworks. While I've used Inventor for a while now and it has been my preference over Solidworks, Solidworks has one thing Inventor doesn't, and that is flow simulation. You can generate 3D models of your pipe networks and components, and then also, be able to do flow simulations of the resulting system or component generated. I also recommend you make a list of what you want a software to do, and search for videos on youtube to see if that software is capable. Typically the website of the software will tell you what it is capable of doing also, however videos show you if it is truly capable of what you want.

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Solidworks or AutoCAD. But think Solidworks is more better)

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