What is the best format to upload 3D Studio files?

I've just started venturing into 3d Studio and have no idea what the best file format to upload is for others to use. Please advise!

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U could export as an FBX format(works in all autodesk softwares) and you can also export as .obj(because it could be used is alot of 3d softwares)

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obj or max wud do, but in obj u wud hav to export the materials too if u want to retain them

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That's a tricky question because it all comes down to what software you are using and your target audiences is using. At this point in time I've noticed most of the files I've download from this site have been in the .stl format however I use 3DS Max exclusively so.... .max files are preferred in my case.

Basic answer is upload the native file format (ie the default for your software when you save it) this will give the best export possible with all animations and textures saved and then export to one of the more general 3D file formats. .stl seems to be a standard here, I've also heard .3ds recommended as well since most 3D software can open it semi-natively.

At the end of the day though most people are going to have to import the file which means no textures or animations and possibly slightly skew-if models if they haven't used the correct import settings.

Dam*ed if you do Dam*ed if you don't unfortunately. :)

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Just got sent .dae collada files from an enegineering firm, worked fine into max.

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