What is the best image size?

I want to put up the best quality image of my models and renderings. What is the size of the image on GrabCAD and what would be better PNG or JPEG?


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There is only a limit @15Meg. The images get automatically cropped. Both JPG and PNG are supported with all browsers ;)

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The images remain the same size as uploaded, for viewing in zoom position, the image gets width @800 pixels, the full res size can be saved if the image is downloaded, for viewing, the width is limited to fixed 800 pixels. Most of the time people don't download the rendered image, still, the main limitation is the uploaded image file can not be more than 15Megs. So, you can upload really huge and hi-res images, only the viewing size will be limited on the page, if someone decides to download it, he'll get it in full size as uploaded.

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screenshot thumb dimensions: 458px × 305px
any image that is has dimension larger than 800px will be scaled to 800px with its aspect ratio. example: if your original render is (1,024px × 580px) then it will be scaled to (800px × 453px)

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thank you for the quick response. When the images get automatically cropped, what would that size be? height by width?

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Thank you Robert and Ali, it certainly was very useful. I am now more aware of the sizing of images and will keep that in mind for future uploads.

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