What is the best laptop to buy for best performance of 3D CAD Softwares? Ex:Nx 11.,PRO-e,SOLIDWORKS,e.t.c

Community members,
I am planning to buy a laptop with features that can support 3D CAD Software's,esp; NX 11.0. for best graphic display and uninterrupted processing.
Please help me with configurations and the manufacturer's series name and release version.
Thank you in advance.
May peace prevail.

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If you search for laptops that are meant for gaming, you will find something that is equally good for engineering software. Both require the same kind of hardware to run well.

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Really depends on the workload.

What is your budget?

Are you looking for rendering and/or simulation performance or, mainly CAD modeling (single core) performance?

If you're more bent towards rendering and simulation at the budget end, the i7-8700k and Ryzen 7's are ok, but they give up a lot to the Xeon, i9 x-series and AMD Threadripper processors. That aside, there is a lot of bang-for-the-buck when paired with a mid-range Quadro card though.

For my money/time, I wouldn't run anything but a 'CAD' card... no GTX10xx's. Leave those to the gamers and crypto-miners, who've driven the prices through the roof anyways.


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I'd personally steer clear of the "gaming systems" if this is meant to primarily be working on CAD software.
If may be worth looking at the Dell Mobile Precision line. M6600, M6800, M7720 are are models which could work.
You'll need to review the specifications for each program you intent to run in it. Maybe you'll get lucky and a gaming card will be fine, but most professional CAD programs will make use of professional graphics cards.

I'd also look at ebay and other sites to buy a used laptop, but I'm cheap and don't have any trouble saving hundreds or thousands of dollars with used hardware.

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