What is the best method of car modelling on catia with blueprint system?What are your suggestions?

Modelling on Catia.

1 Answer

1. Orthographic views setup on corresponding planes
2. Create curve network (side view)
3. Create curve network (top view) and modify side view curve network
4. Create first slab surfaces
5. Trim slab surface to slab surface (radii are placed last)
6. Create patch layout by evaluating panel curvature; washout lines, etc..
7. Transition areas (V/Y radii etc.) are the ones that separate the wheat from the chaff, and that's typically the area that most models fail to meet anything approaching class A
8. Your goal is to create good reflections above anything else!

Any videos on Alias, NX, Catia, Rhino, etc., are relevant to the general workflow, so don't hesitate to watch anything you can find, regardless the software.