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What is the best starting software and scanner?

By Rich Brame on 03 Mar 21:42 1 answer 645 views 0 comments

Hi, I'm really new to all this (I have no experience in this field and very little budget to work with) and am having major problems working out what I need.
I'm looking at making miniatures and scenery for war-gaming.
If any one can give me some straightforward advice on what scanner and software would be best I would really appreciate it.

1 answer

  • jammes
    jammes almost 3 years ago

    well, I use a kinect for windows (about 250 $) and skannect (about 100 $) to make figurines of 2 inches high. they are made by Sculpteo, in powder and colour. But you can print them in abs with a basic 3d printer. enjoy yourself .

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