What is the best way to approach this curvature?

I am currently working to build a stator coil similar to this in solid works that will be able to adjust based on some user input. I am struggling to figure out a way to get the curvature right since the knuckle on it has some weird turns. I have tried to use the flex tools but they have not been much help. I can also model it with a flat knuckle on the end but would like for it to have the right geometry

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Are you able to sketch the path as a 3D sketch, utilizing points and equations to map out the future "user input" dimensions, and then sweep the end profile all the way through? It wold not depict the wires splicing out (top left of image) but would model up a majority of the coil. The outside sheathing and inner wires could be adjusted with the Display Manager


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I don't know how you'd ever get the curvature 'right' without one in hand that you could RE.

If you're designing something in which this will be housed, then you'll need one anyways. Then you can decide, to what level of detail does it really need to be modeled.

If you're simply doing this as a CAD exercise then I don't see what it matters. Personally, I'd want to model a symmetric surface, manipulate it until I was happy with the shape and use it to build my coils. Easier (for me) than dealing with curves in 3D space.

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