What is the best way to model liquid in Solidworks?

I have this asymmetrical container and need to model water in it for rendering. So I need a separate part representing water. It would be a real pain to model it from scratch because of all the fillets and etc.
Also, it would be great if that water-part would follow the shape of my container if it's dimensions/shape changes.

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Suggest that maybe the "Combine" command will do what you want.
See tutorial (this is my first attempt at doing a tutorial, so please hold me harmless if it is not perfect.
Also see attachment

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/what-is-the-best-way-to-model-liquid-in-solidworks

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I'm not getting a better idea so try this, offset the inner surfaces of the container with a very small number (rather than using zero for rendering purposes) then use whatever kind of surface to close it from the top then knit to form a solid ...
If you change the dimensions it'll adapt but not if you change the shape ...

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w.wolf is right. His way of doing it - offsetting inner surfaces works great!
I added a picture to show these undesirable artifacts:

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There is another way.
Make a water part of desired amount of water in your profile of bottle. Then create new part. insert a part of water in new part, make a bottle - you must position a part, make a intersect line with inserted part, and make a body of bottle and add glass material for bottle- then you can weight a bottle and amount of water in it.

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Thanks w.wolf, will try this method as soon as possible.
I came up with another method too, First I made new plane, where I needed the water level to be, then using intersection under convert entities, sketched a contoure of my container, then extruded it using Up to body setting. But this should only work when the container doesn't widen at the bottom. Also, when rendering, it produced ugly artifacts, where water and the container meet, as if there were a small gap between my container and liquid.

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