What is the defination of Core and Fine Mesh in HyperMesh?

Can anybody plesae let me know what is the defination of Core and Fine Mesh in HyperMesh?? Thanks

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It maybe Coarse mesh not core mesh. The idea is general. In coarse mesh, the mesh size is generally taken large so the result are obtained quickly but with less accuracy. In fine mesh, the size of mesh is taken small to obtain maximum accuracy but taking larger calculation time.

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Basic Introduction to Hyper Mesh Tutorial (pre processor of FEA software Like ANSYS,OPTISTRUCT, etc

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/what-is-the-defination-of-core-and-fine-mesh-in-hypermesh

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Sudhir, thanks a lot for your answer!!!! and sorry about the spelling core*.... I really appreciate and it would be a great help if you can share some of the basic question and answers on HyperMesh!!!
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Meshing is the key step in finite element analysis. In this processes the element is subdivided into many elements and the network of nodes and elements are formed in current there are many different types of element, each elements has its own features and Degrees of freedom. For three-dimensional solid geometry, software generates tetrahedron shaped (using Auto Mesh- less accurate then quad Mesh) quadratic elements( Manual meshing more accurate than tetrahedral meshing). before explaining about Fine Mesh and Course Mesh I want Explain about H-convergence, the idea is making the mesh finer and finer getting the accurate result (the accuracy of mesh depends on how close or how smaller it is) the other one is P-convergence, the idea is increasing the polynomial of the element from first order polynomial to second order polynomial (if a Solid 45 Tet element has only 5 nodes in first order but when you increase the order it will have 13 nodes) this is another trick with fine mesh in course mesh itself you can get the result equal to fine mesh
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Hii There,
if you can spend some time to know more about Finite Element Analysis like Meshing calculations involved in analysis, applying loads and boundary conditions result interpretation please go through my assignment on finite element analysis solved using ANSYS and Hypermesh (enclosed attachment .Pdf file) hope will be useful to all
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