What is the difference between CATIA and Solidworks?

i am interested in mechanical design but i don't know which software is good for this domaine can anybody help me? Thanks in advance

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Generally speaking, SolidWorks is cheaper to license and less powerful. SolidWorks is also easier to pick up.

By more powerful, I mean that in CATIA I can often do simpler operations using several different methods, and some capabilities CATIA has just aren't duplicated in the lower cost software packages. But in my opinion, the package you should learn will generally have more to do with where you want to work than anything. And after you learn a hard package in some detail, other CAD packages come very easily.

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You can also try ZW3D CAD/CAM it's a very powerfull hybrid modeler with up to 5 axis integrated machining and very cost effective. Here's a link for a free trial download: http://www.zwsoft.com/en/products/zw3d.html

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Yea dude..I also skeptical about which software I must use..bt. i realised dat proEngineer is the Best for Part Modelling and Assembly,CATIA is for Surface Modelling( and also part and Assembly,but pre-dominantly used for surface modellig)..Solidworks is much more easier as compared to these two softwares..

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The difference is that Solidworks is much more easier and Low-end software as compared to CATIA which is used world-wide and High-End software

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Catia is PLM(product lifecycle managemenv) software which have all required Tool like,CAD ,CAM ,CAE ,cc more advance CFD, etc
But Solidworks Is 3D design Software which doesn't have CAM, you have to Install 3rd party software(like-SolidCAM) to perform CAM, Solidworks doesn't havergonomics stve Again you Need 3rd party Software (like-Jackhammer, CATIA-HUman module, 3Dhuman, NX-Humanmodeling, etc

Solidworks Used by Aerospace & Defense


Solidworks used by Automotive & Transportation


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