What is the difference between Gemotricalset & ordered gemotrical set

i have confused for this question , please give me the ans for this question.

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2 Answers

Geometrical set and ordered geometrical set define your wireframe features. They dont mix in partybody tree. In geometrical set there is no parent and children relation. So you can re-order the geometrical set tree easly. But in ordered geometrical set there is relation between parent and children. So ordered act like party body tree. You need to make sure that feature's parents are above in the tree, and it's children are below it.

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Geometric Sets work as containers/Folders for wireframe and surfaces.
If you click create geometric set or create yourself new geometric set ,new wireframe or surface generated will come under geometric set as it is.
If you click create OGS( ordered Geometric sets)
Every identity or single function will be displayed under OGS like all the points first ,then all the lines etc.

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